H. Modine, RA, NCIDQ President


Full architectural services for residential and light-commercial especially restuarants. From concept to completion, including schematic design, design development, coordination of bidding & negotiation, and construction administration. We also provide and coordinate all expediting services with the department of buildings, NYC landmarks commission and other city agencies.

Interior Design

Personalized attention to client’s particular needs are provided including all required interior design drawings & specifications.

Condominium Conversion

The entire process of converting a building into condominums including, architect’s report, coordination with the owner and the attorney for the offering plan and possible tax abatments associated required design drawings and certification/documents.

Sidewalk Café

Complete service provided including design drawings, filing with the department of consumer affairs & landmarks, community board hearings until license is granted.

Asbestos Investigation

Testing for asbestos is conducted and Asbestos Control program forms (ACP) are provided for the purpose of filing with the Department of Buildings. We’re certified asbestos investigator in NYS.

FormWorks Architecture LLC was founded in 2000 by Hisham Modine. We’re registered architect & interior designer in New York State since 1995 with over 22 years of experience. Hisham received his Master’s in Architecture from Pratt Institute in 1993. During the nineties he worked for three nationally renowned award-winning architectural firms including, Brennan Beer Gorman Architects, TPG Architecture and Ehrenkrantz & Eckstut architects. During this period, he acquired a broad range of exposure to design and building of large scale mixed-use developments, nationally & internationally including residential, commercial, corporate offices, hospitality, high-end retail and public buildings such as court houses. 


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